Guest Comments

There is not a day that I do not think about our Wilderness Retreat. My spiritual countenance and my Kingdom pursuit were refined and refocused during our time in Montana. Without a doubt, my ministry efforts have also benefited from the spiritual focus of silence and wilderness. I very much look forward to returning. It was such a profound time with God I have had trouble trying to describe it to others, but I continue to try anyway. I cannot wait until we can return.

Eric H. Wing, Michigan
The chaos of our culture has been drowning me. Email, texts, calls, noise, meetings, podcasts, sermons, lessons, music and news. I am missing the quiet whisper and the intimate call of Christ. Did you know God has a creation melody? It plays everyday, all around us. I was reacquainted with Him during my adventure in Montana and once again started living His song, His praise, His presence. As I watched the trees and meadow grasses sway rhythmically in the wind, dancing and singing to creations song, I was reconnected to Gods quiet, loving, voice.

God had not disappeared, rather I had pushed him away and had forgotten how to listen for His voice. A Peaceful Pause was needed for my soul. My experiences in Montana would fill many pages. It is a unique experience guided by Rog and Deb and the Holy Spirit. It was much needed and much appreciated.
Shannon Parsley
Florida Student Pastor
The Wilderness Retreat is transformative,  a secret sauce of slowing down time within a sacred place in the valley of the hush that promotes and nurtures a deep encounter with God.
Stu Belt, California
Joseph and Rog
This very place speaks about peace and harmony, In this place I was able to regain my peace which I lost in the struggle and busyness of ministry. I was able to reconnect my soul with the Holy Spirit as I slowed down, to be able to be inside of my being. It gave me physical and mental rest. My highlight was the set time of  liturgy through prayer and meditation at the cross. Surely the presence of the Lord is vivid in this place!
Joseph Ouedraogo, Togo Africa
The Rewilding Retreat was a lifeline at a critical time in my life.  The leaders provided exactly what was needed to guide the extended time alone with God in the wilderness. This retreat showed me the value of setting aside time for silence and solitude in pursuit of God. It created room for God to continue to speak into my heart long after the retreat was over. 
Angela Hurst, Kentucky
I went to Montana ready to have some tough conversations with God. I had just lost my mom to a very painful battle with cancer. I was so hurt and angry but knew I needed to go to God. Each day when we went out to have quiet time, take walks, explore and just BE with God, I was amazed at how I was reminded of His beauty and love. I was so ready to be angry but I was met with so much love. Being in Montana and taking a much needed Peaceful Pause filled my soul and helped me to once again feel God's deep love for me. I was reminded of how much He deeply cared for me and that time was crucial for me to be able to come back and continue my ministry as a Children's Director. 
Rachel Ciccarella, New Jersey
Children’s Director
Many times life comes at you so fast you can barely take a breath. For me, I couldn't take a breath, my heart needed deep healing and I just needed to get away to hear His voice. Pressing pause on life and heading into the wilderness of Montana ushered in a sweet moment for me. As they say, it was a thin place experience. I finally experienced what it meant to "Be Still." Never have I seen such beauty. My heart received deep encouragement and I was shown resources and tools that recharged my spiritual growth. Many of the practices I experienced in the wilderness I have had the opportunity to share with my small group and leaders as we move forward on this journey together. The wilderness truly was a gift to me. 
Sarah Neral, New Jersey
Associate Director of Community
Making the trip to Montana for a retreat was DEFINITELY worth it! During my retreat there I was amazed by the way God truly quieted my soul in the tangible silence of the wilderness and worked on my heart in some much-needed ways. Rog and Deb are phenomenal hosts as well!
Paul Lundblad, Sweden
The Wilderness Retreat in Montana is one I consistently go back to in my mind as being some of the most transformational and meaningful moments with God in my life. There's something special about going into the wilderness and seeking after God. The location of the retreat, the guided activities all usher in the invitation to grow closer in your walk with God. I find myself craving those weeks, I find myself asking on a consistent basis, "How can I bring Montana to where I am now?" - meaning, how do I continue the work God is doing in me and bring it with me no matter where I am. I hope to go back many more times, to show up and allow Him to continue to rewild my heart for Him.
Anthony Reimer, NJ
For years I have had a deep desire to be part of the Wilderness Retreat in Montana.  I recently got the opportunity & it turned out to be everything I imagined & more. Sharing the love for our Lord with fellow believers was encouraging and wonderful. However, meeting the Lord in silence & solitude in the fantastically beautiful setting He created in Montana was deeply moving. 
Whenever I need to quietly reflect, I can journey back in my mind to that peaceful “hush” that the Lord provided. What a blessing. Thank you Lord (and Rog & Deb)
Deb Hafer, Missouri
Director of Global Rest
I was a little apprehensive about going into the wilderness for a week, since I am a city girl at heart, but after my time in Montana during the Wilderness Retreat, I realized it doesn't matter whether I am a city girl or a country girl because God is the one who speaks to my heart. I had such a wonderful time in Montana and I think of it frequently, of the lessons I learned in my silence and contemplation, as well as the amazing people I met with, and of course the amazing beauty in nature I was fortunate to experience. I really wish I could go every year as it's a time I truly cherish, I was challenged and grew in my comfort with stillness, something more of us should appreciate and practice often, whenever possible. What's great is that I got to take some of the stillness back with me even in the craziness and business of NYC. Rog and Deb were wonderful hosts and the grounds were very spacious (and the food was so so sooo good!).
Angelissa Paulino, Brooklyn NY