Several years ago we offered an apprentice program through our Axiom Monastic Community Network and were overwhelmed with the response.  Over 20 people walked through a distance-learning program with us for nearly a year.

Birthed from that experience, we are developing another apprentice opportunity, on-site in Montana.  A dear friend and Axiom participant, Heather, helped us pioneer this opportunity in the summer of 2020, spending 10 weeks with us.  (You can read Heather’s comments below)  

We will continue this tradition by hosting a single apprentice (perhaps more than one at-a-time in the future) for 10-12 weeks each summer.  The individual will be responsible for their own transportation and meal costs.  Start date and end date are flexible.

The apprentice can expect to participate in the daily, weekly and monthly rhythms of the site including service to nearby First Nation people. If interested, contact Roger and Debbie for an application using the form on this page.

Heather Kirkpatrick – 2020 Apprentice

Feeling worn out and tired, I arrived to this quiet, peaceful place.  I really had thought God was finished speaking to me but my soul was refreshed as I refocused my down time to seek Him.  Seemingly cut off from the noise of the world, job, social media, even ministry, I was able to hear His still, small voice, beckoning me once again.  He had never stopped.  It was me that needed to stop and listen.

With a focus on spiritual rhythms, various ways of connecting and reflecting with God’s Word, it was if I had found my missing, secret place again.  And whether it was preparing a meal, gardening, forestry or simply cutting the lawn, physical labor was time with Him to reflect and realize all the various ways He cares for me even when I feel alone, especially when I feel alone.

I remember a specific day – – the birds were singing so joyously and I thought, “That is God, rejoicing over me with singing.”

(Heather Kirkpatrick arrived to our site after serving as a missionary to Finland.  Her apprenticeship served as a sabbatical time as she refueled to begin a Masters program in Biblical Counseling in Kentucky.)

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