Guided & Self-Guided

This sacred space can be utilized for guided or self-guided retreats. These retreats can take many forms – day retreats, multi-day retreats or longer sabbaticals. 

Below are some testimonies of those who have come to enjoy the silence of “qámlexʷ” (calm, peaceful land).

My family and I spent a number of weeks (on sabbatical) with Rog and Deb at their home/retreat center in 2019. After being in full-time Christian ministry for a decade, we were out of steam and realized we were ready for a much-needed pause and reset. During our time with Rog and Deb, we engaged in a variety of spiritual rhythms with them, and also enjoyed space to breathe and be still. Their location tucked away in the Swan Valley is perfect for unplugging, and their ministry is geared toward helping one look inward and upward. We came away deeply refreshed and realized how needed it was to unplug from the normal pace of life (and technology too) in order to recharge our bodies, souls, and minds. We are so thankful to Rog and Deb for their hearts and investment in us...and would encourage anyone who needs extra care to give themselves permission to experience Peaceful Pause for themselves.
Max & Cambria Melchert (with Andrew & Rowan), South Africa
Feeling worn out and tired, I arrived to this quiet, peaceful place. I really had thought God was finished speaking to me but my soul was refreshed as I refocused my down time to seek Him. Seemingly cut off from the noise of the world, job, social media, even ministry, I was able to hear His still, small voice, beckoning me once again. He had never stopped. It was me that needed to stop and listen.
Heather Kirkpatrick, Finland

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